Gregor Heilmaier

Strategy advice and potential analysis

As a management consultant I accompany corporations on their way into the digital age. (Industry 4.0) My focus lies on the aspects of product development, business models, sales and human resources.

Right now many business models are being questioned, challenged and developed further. Today chances lie in conquering new markets and reorganizing companies. Here a special challenge is the product life cycle because with decreasing product life cycles the business models also decrease. Therefore, organizations and companies have to be trained on speediness. It is also important to integrate employees into the process and make use of their creativity. That´s what Heilmaier & Heilmaier is specialized in.


I offer you a mix of sensibility and diplomacy: With the help of tactical expertise I know which argument will lead the negotiation in your favour, in an elegant, silent and pleasant manner. I like to stand up for others and can show the necessary assertiveness. People say that I possess profound interpersonal skills.


We find the healthy balance between desirable, reasonable and practical. A clear and vivid approach with a lot of lived experiences and mental agility enables us to see the best in you and your company. We help you to express exactly this.


We wish to advance people and businesses. When all wheels mesh smoothly in a company it increases the success, brings customer satisfaction and generates a strong local economy.

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