Our advantage for corporations and executives.

We are looking for the best personnel for businesses branch-specific and individual.

Branch-specific headhunting

Finding the best employees for the best business. We know what makes a highly qualified person in your branch and where we can find them.

Procurement with intuition

Whether engineers, sales managers or executives. When it comes down to professions with a great deal of responsibility and in-depth knowledge, intuition is in great demand.

Classical personnel counselling

Active personnel policy, Management by objectives or employer branding: Win the war of talents. Score with content and highly productive employees.

The branch focus

Machinery and plant engineering, synthetics industry, automotive supply, food production, trade and many more.

Individual personnel recruitment 4.0

Human resource management changes comparable to the technology landscape. Our searching instruments are harmonised thereupon.

Custom-fit personnel placement

Advancing businesses, exciting clients and celebrating achievements. This can only be done, if businesses and executives harmonise.