Changing values: The wish of employees today

In the last decade the personnel landscape changed. Instead of bonuses top executives now value the business culture. Your personnel recruiter explains this reason.

The values of the current generation of young executives differ strongly from the ones before. What many businesses experience currently can now be proven with a study from the university of Bamberg.

“Transparency and the feeling to execute a meaningful function – this was most important to me when I chose my current employer”, says a manager from Franconia who is working for an international business. “If the communication is not honest and I would have to fool my staff in my department, I wouldn’t feel comfortable.” With this statement the 40-year-old manager is part of the trend.

“The values have shifted. The employees of today are looking for a positive working atmosphere and want to work in a dynamic business that is moving forward.”
Hans Ulrich Gruber, ihrPersonalberater

According to a study from the university of Bamberg is “working atmosphere” the most important factor for applicants and career interested people. Closely followed by “flexible working hours”. Good career opportunities as well as the “compatibility of job and family” are also of high importance. The “salary” – only a decade ago the most important factor – is today only mentioned as the 5th position, when asked what makes a business attractive.

Another important criterion, which underlies the change in values over the last decade, is the topic “flexible working time”. What was back then seen as “not so important” is now placed on the second rank. ‘Is home office a must?’, ask executives themselves of small to medium sized businesses.

Employees want a positive business culture

“The values have shifted”, confirms the personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber, who acted himself for several decades as a top-manager for international businesses. “The employees of today want a positive business culture and wish to work for a dynamic business that is moving forward.” Not a business that is engraved of depression and erosion. “It is ideal if a business stands for the values which a candidate can identify himself with.”

“For a business this means that they have to communicate even clearer their strengths and values. Most small to medium sized businesses used to be rather reluctant in their communication behaviour. In terms of the job-applicant market businesses have to communicate to the public how good they are and also live this communication through the leadership style within the company”, explains Hans Ulrich Gruber.

It is time to give up the reluctant communication

Leading with goals is required of the employers next to employer branding and personal communication. The employees wish for a positive vision and a meaning behind their work. “As a company you therefore have to clarify what you are working towards. If you are able to achieve this, the labour shortage of skilled workers is not as severe,” says the personnel consultant.

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