Top leaders are sought-after in times of Corona

The demand on managers in times of Corona has increased. In the podcast, HR consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber talks about how managers can survive the crisis. He also reveals how companies are currently retaining and attracting top executives.

Closing lecture Change-Mangement: Hans Ulrich Gruber visits BAM GmbH with his students

The Master Students of Intercultural Enterprise- and Technology-Management experienced successful change-management in practise during their closing lecture at BAM GmbH in Weiden. A large amount of practical orientation is part of the concept of Hans Ulrich Gruber and the whole study program. “To bring theory and practice together in my seminar of Change-Management is extremely […]

Symbolfoto: © Fotolia / gustavofrazao

Success Story: Successful placement of a management position for the Chinese market

Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber was able to fill a vacant management position for the Chinese market within the international automotive company Koki. To fill key positions for German companies in international markets is an exciting challenge. Especially, if it involves positions in a specialized industry with a detailed profile of requirements. Personnel consultant Hans […]