Success Stories: New passionate sales staff

Symbolfoto: © Fotolia / gustavofrazao

To put people into a position where they feel comfortable and can perform their best. That is what IhrPersonalberater Hans UIrich Gruber and his team are working for. With the help of Hans Ulrich Gruber, the software company Solutio GmbH found a new motivated sales staff.

In some companies, good specialists and managers are kept under their possibilities while else where those positions are tried to be filled desperately. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often. Hans Ulrich Gruber´s specialized personnel consultation is offering goal oriented help. From which Solutio GmbH profited as well.

If you can optimally unfold your professional possibilities and fit into the team, then you´re put into the right position. Just like Panagiota Grigoriadou who now works as sales staff for her new company. Soltio GmbH is one of the leading suppliers for dentist software and without personal consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber they probably wouldn´t have been able to get in contact with their new employee, who´s sales talent was undiscovered up until this point.

“Initially I was a Graphic Designer and very creative”, said Grigoriadou. As a Designer, she is already open to new ideas and always looks forward to new exciting encounters. “I was initially working for different agencies and part of the back-office team”. But she felt that in her previous job she didn´t have enough contact with customers. “I always enjoyed being in contact with clients, it was actually my favourite part of the job, but as I was working in the back-office contacting clients unfortunately wasn´t part of my daily business.”

In his 20 years as a manager Hans Ulrich Gruber was often managing sales staff and therefore knows how to spot sales talents. Hans Ulrich Gruber said: “I can well imagine that Mrs Grigoridaou works in this area. She is very friendly and charming, enjoys the contact with clients and thanks to her work in design agencies she is also able to present products or ideas in a convincing way. “

The candidate could identify herself well with the company and the software product. “The advantages are obvious and easily explained. Furthermore, I find dentists to be very likable.” Her open and uncomplicated character was well received with her new employer. Sales manager Elke Wintermeier- Holst said: “We´ve already visited some fares together and our new sales staff proved herself well. I´d also like to thank Hans Ulrich Gruber for the excellent mediation work.”

Panagiota Grigoriadou added:” A big thank you to Mr Gruber for the great support.  He gave me courage and we discussed my strengths before the interview and afterwards he gave me direct feedback. This way I felt that I was in good hand, which was quite special for me.