Success Story: Successful placement of Admin-position in a complex environment for developers

With the increasing digitisation, IT specialists have become one of the most sought out groups of employees. A situation where, in addition to the required specialties a personal fit into the team can be achieved, is a stroke of luck for both the employee and the company. Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber was able to fill such a challenging position within a successful software company.

“The cliché of programmers and software developers being the shady nerd is tenacious. Even though there are many information scientists that enjoy working in teams and that value a good working atmosphere”, tells the Franconian Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber based on his own experiences. One of them is the Thuringian developer Karsten Tönniges. Recently he found a new position as an admin in a developer environment for Apple and Windows systems, through the placement of Hans Ulrich Gruber.

He especially enjoys two aspects of his new employer, the Solutio GmbH: “The complexity of the tasks” and the “pleasant working atmosphere in the team”. The work environment of an admin seems to be very special, due to its complexity. The thereof resulting daily challenges are rejoicing for the specialist. Furthermore, he is happy about the warm welcome that his new team gave him.

The example of the developer clearly shows, how many different aspects need to be considered for a successful headhunting.  First of all, the headhunter needs to have technical knowledge about the requirements of the position. “I place many positions in IT sector because as a manager of an international company I myself have led many projects in this sector”, explains the personal consultant. Therefore, he knows the companies’ requirements and the working environment that is to be expected.

The second challenge is finding a candidate that not only meets the complex technical requirements but also has a personal fit with the company. “If personal synergies between the employee, his supervisors and the company culture can be established, the employee will do a better job and will stay with the company for a longer period of time”, says the personnel consultant. This is the reason why many companies hire a specialist: “They want to avoid the high costs that stem from the replacement of a wrongly selected employee”.

In the end you need your intuition and persuasion to bring companies and specialists together. “In general, I know the employers fairly well. Therefore, I can provide the candidates with useful tips before their personal interview”, says Hans Ulrich Gruber. This is helpful because especially highly competent technical staff are not always the best in presenting themselves and vice versa. In the case of the Thuringian administrator and the software company Solutio the placement was to the satisfaction of all parties. “Right now, I’m still familiarising myself with the tasks and every day brings a new challenge”, says Karsten Tönniges. Up until now his supervisor is very satisfied with the new employee.