Speech about Employer Branding: Employees are the most important multipliers

The importance of satisfied employees for the recruitment of specialists and employer branding as a strategic approach was the topic of Hans Ulrich Gruber’s speech at the IGZ which he held in front of interested industry professionals.

Satisfied employees are the best multiplicators and an important basis to attract motivated managers and specialists. That was the argument that personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber presented during his speech at the IGZ at the end of June in Nuremberg/Erlangen. “Employer Branding is so much more than a marketing approach”, he said in front of the gathered entrepreneurs and HR managers. “It is a valuable and versatile strategic approach to find and keep employees.”

The experienced manager and personnel consultant sees the company itself as an important basis for a good employee development. “I found organizational development to be more important than marketing itself”, says Gruber. An instrument for organizational development is the concept of organizational energy. Hans Ulrich Gruber proved the positive effect that satisfied employees have on employer attractiveness with current surveys from the “Top-Job-Study” in which more than 100.000 companies participated. “The surveys conducted by Top-Job showed that employer attractiveness as well employee satisfaction increase significantly through organizational development with the help of the concept of organisational energy.”

“How sustainable is my potential employer?”

Companies can use this positive development for classic marketing in employer branding. “Satisfied employees are valuable multipliers, in their own peer groups as well as by giving recommendations through different online and social media channels”, says Gruber. Next to a positive corporate culture he views the digitalization of a company as an important successes factor. “Especially young professionals view the sustainability of a company as an important factor when looking for a job. Therefore, digitalization and the use of new technologies can be of high importance for future managers and specialists”, reports the Franconian personnel consultant from his daily experiences with qualified applicants from different industries.