Closing lecture Change-Mangement: Hans Ulrich Gruber visits BAM GmbH with his students

The Master Students of Intercultural Enterprise- and Technology-Management experienced successful change-management in practise during their closing lecture at BAM GmbH in Weiden. A large amount of practical orientation is part of the concept of Hans Ulrich Gruber and the whole study program.

“To bring theory and practice together in my seminar of Change-Management is extremely important to me”, says the lecturer, personnel-consultant and former top-manager Hans Ulrich Gruber. Part of his lecture sessions of the study program international management are therefore a variety of practical industry examples. A highlight was the closing lecture at BAM GmbH, a renowned special machine construction company with their head office in Weiden. “We had the opportunity to get insights from a pioneer of change management, innovation, growth and the digitalisation of production”, enthuses the lecturer Gruber about the innovativeness of the company. Recently, the BAM GmbH was also honoured by the business journal Fokus to be one of the highest-growth companies.

The managing director Marco Bauer took some time for the students and shared sound and insight knowledge about the technological, change and growth processes of the last years. He also explained the culture and technology transition, which made the company to what it is today. The guests were astonished. Today the product portfolio of BAM ranges from CNC manufacturing of components to complex and digital special machine construction. The business is also well-equipped in the growth market of 3D printing. Anna Pröls: “BAM GmbH has its own manufacturing department for additive 3D-printing. Furthermore, we also assemble, package and send 3D-printers to a large electronic mail ordering business.”

A successful human resources policy can also be found behind the smooth processes and the popular products. “The fact that the change-processes work this well for Mr. Bauer and his team, can especially be traced back to his leadership style and the HR policies,” explains Hans Ulrich Gruber to his students. “This social interaction between the manager and his employees was also noticeable during the informative guided tour through the production site.” This lived staff orientation is also recognizable through the permanent professional development of the executive team and the seminar days outside the head office.

“Industry 4.0 is nothing new for us, but our everyday life”, presents the trained IT specialist Marco Bauer exemplary through the successful webshop selling custom-made steel. “We have experienced today a large amount of theoretical content in practice with our visit at BAM”, was the conclusion of the visitors. “A big thank you to Marco Bauer for his time and the fascinating insights into the lived industry 4.0”, thanks the lecturer Gruber. This visit allowed a successful completion of the Change-Management course.

The Master Program International Management is taught at the university Amberg-Weiden since 1998. It is characterized by the combination of technical content, international management and a great proximity to practice. “We are glad to have found an experienced chief executive and manager with Hans Ulrich Gruber, who is able to share valuable insights into the business practice”, said the professor Dr. Frank Schäfer at the outset of the lectures of Change Management.