Success Story: Successful placement of two sales engineers in an international setting

Symbolfoto: © Fotolia / gustavofrazao

Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber successfully placed sales engineers for the Chinese and Russian market.

If one typical task exists for a headhunter, it is the following. A successful and internationally operating company with a strong specialization is looking for an experienced sales engineer with strong technical knowledge and a high affinity towards China or Russia. “To fill a key position with such a specific job description that fits only a few people in the world, was an exciting task for me” confirms Hans Ulrich Gruber. He placed two sales engineers for the international operations of STEAG Engergy GmbH. The polish engineer Mariusz Maciejewski, is now responsible for the collaboration with Russian partners and Qizhe Wang is responsible for the Asia and China business. Both are experienced engineers and sales professionals and are very satisfied with their new employer.

Being familiar with the requirements of industrial businesses

The personnel consultant knows the requirements of industrial businesses well, because he himself worked in a management position in an international setting. Both employers and specialists appreciate his experience. “What I liked about the collaboration with Hans Ulrich Gruber, was that he knew the business environment very well and was able to explain the background of the position”, says Maciejewski, “This was really positive for me and his candour inspired my confidence”.

The engineer, born in Poland, previously worked in the sales force of a German plant manufacturer. “It was quite unusual for me not to sell power plants, but a high-quality software for the monitoring and optimization of power plant processes instead”, he says. Today the sales engineer frequently travels through Russia and cultivates good business contacts there for his new employer.

Qizhe Wang found his dream position as the manager of an international sales team. The engineer has already gathered experience in sales while working for renowned plant manufacturers. “I worked with customers from many different countries such as Iran, the USA and Brazil. I have also worked with Germans before”. To get to know people with different mentalities was an exciting experience for him. Now the Chinese engineer will predominantly be working in his own country. “China has a very distinct mindset “, he says. If you want to make business there you have to know the country and culture. Just like Qizhe Wang, who first came to Germany in 2002 after is Bachelor. He finished his engineering studies there and started working for Siemens shortly afterwards.

When Hans Ulrich Gruber contacted Qizhe Wang, he saw an opportune moment for change. “I didn’t want to stay on the same position for 20 years, instead I wanted to try something new. Hans Ulrich Gruber was very friendly and was always reachable for me”, says Qizhe Wang who appears to be satisfied with the collaboration with the personnel consultant. “His good coordination and the communication tips he gave me, certainly led to a successful placement”. He especially values that they remained in personal contact even after a successful placement. For him it was pleasant to experience, how someone truly cares about the satisfaction of all parties.

For the STEAG Energy Service GmbH the task was solved to the satisfaction the management. “The collaboration with Mr. Gruber was trustworthy as well as solution and goal oriented”, says the division manager Peter Krüger. The company received different profiles of fitting candidates and made their decision. By now the two new employees already started working at STEAG Energy Service GmbH. The management of this international industrial company recommends the collaboration with personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber for his pleasant and goal-oriented way of working.