Career consultation for engineers at the VDI Recruiting Days 2019 in Munich and Nuremberg

Since 2015 Hans Ulrich Gruber is consulting engineers at the VDI Recruiting Days in Nuremberg. This year he also offers his career consultation in Munich. The sectors of construction and IT are imploringly looking for specialists.

The VDI Recruiting Days which serve as an information platform are becoming more popular each year.  In 2019 Hans Ulrich Gruber is expecting a lot of inquiries from companies as well as candidates. “Companies are increasingly recognizing the Recruiting Days as a chance to win over new employees”, says Hans Ulrich Gruber and adds that not only recent graduates are participating in this career day. The candidate range goes from job entrants to experienced engineers. Companies can even establish international contacts.

Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber is offering individual career consultation for engineers again this year. In Munich he is participating for the first time, in Nuremberg it is his fifth participation. “I can bring along real industry experience from my year long work in these areas. I want to pass on the experiences gained in the strategic career consultation”, says Hans Ulrich Gruber. The career consultation for job candidates can be compared to a strategy consulting for companies. “For me it is important to point out individual perspectives in the interviews.” This applies to recent graduates as well as to experienced engineers, that want to reach the next career level.

Even though some sectors are weakened, Hans Ulrich Gruber rates the career chances and possibilities in general as good. “The construction and IT sectors are still imploringly looking for specialists”, says Gruber. He sees a chance for companies as well as candidates in the switching of sectors. Thereby the respective skill profile matters the most. This has to be analysed in a discipline specific manner for each individual case. In conclusion one can say that: “The switching of sectors requires a lot of experience and openness to explore new areas of expertise from the candidate. At the same time the employer has to offer an openness and willingness to accompany someone from a different sector while he or she acquires possible missing areas of expertise”.

Gruber sees the VDI Recruiting Days as a good chance to inspire specialists in Northern Bavaria: “I`m still pleased, when we succeed in keeping or attracting many talents for the region.” Franconia has a lot of excellent companies, a good infrastructure and a very high quality of life. This is an aspect that he regularly draws attention to in his personal career consultations. With great success as he regularly notices.

Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber offers personal career consultation for engineers within the VDI Recruiting Days on the 17th of October in Nuremberg and on the 21st of November in Munich.

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