“Successful headhunting also means thinking outside the box”

Symbolfoto: © Fotolia / gustavofrazao

Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber successfully places a facility manager at a renowned facility management company.

Vanessa Jalife moved from Argentina to Germany. Today, the industrial engineer is working as a facility manager and manages, inter alia, properties for BMW. Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber recognised her potential and connected her with a facility management company.

In the current shortage of specialists, good facility managers are hard to find. Nevertheless, personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber was successful. With the job profile as a starting point he searched and found Vanessa Jalife, who had only recently moved to Germany. The graduated industrial engineer proved to be a skilful facility manager. “She is a problem solver and deals with customers and technicians in a diplomatic manner”, says Hans Ulrich Gruber.

As a headhunter you sometimes have to think outside of the box”, says Hans Ulrich Gruber. A narrow-minded search leads to a loss of valuable opportunities in the current shortage of specialists. The successful placement of the Argentine engineer Vanessa Jalife is a typical example. The industrial engineer worked for 10 years in a position of responsibility at a power company in Argentina. “It was a good company and I enjoyed my work there”, says Jalife. A year ago, she moved to Germany without any German skills or job offers in order to live with her partner.

She immediately started to take German classed and began looking for a position. Which, under her circumstances, didn´t turn out to be that easy. Personal consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber found her through her online profile. He saw her potential and assisted her with the application process. “I’m very thankful that Mr. Gruber helped me to draft of my application documents”, she says. “Because I had been working in the same company for 10 years, I had no experience with job applications”.

“Despite the fact that Mrs. Jalife had never worked as a facility manager, she fit well to the position in my opinion”, recounts the personnel consultant. “She possesses the technical knowledge, was already in touch with customers and had to solve problems in her previous job. All of the mentioned qualities are requirements for the job of a facility manager”. Today, she manages different properties, inter alia those of BMW, for a renowned facility management company. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity “, she says. “I enjoy my job, even though it sometimes can be though to solve arising problems as fast as possible.” In her work she often acts as an intermediary between the client and technicians. Her manager, who is very satisfied with her work, appreciates Vanessa. Jalife’s ability to act as an intermediary.