Key position successfully filled

For the innovative and international company ONTEC, personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber was able to find an experienced head of construction.

Good managers and skilled workers are also in demand in times of Corona. This was also experienced by Andreas Walther, who took up his position as head of design at the renowned company ONTEC. A stroke of luck for both sides. The international company got an experienced design manager and Andreas Walther a good position near his hometown.

“In fact, I could hardly have chosen better,” says Andreas Walther about his new workplace. ONTEC is a very well-positioned company with good prospects. The cooperation in the team and with the management is optimal, he says, and the task as head of construction technology corresponds exactly to his personal experience and competences. “The whole package is just right here,” says Walther. In addition – after many years of working all over Germany, Andreas Walther can now work near his home again. For a design manager in a top position, this is a rare stroke of luck.

“I like taking responsibility and doing varied tasks every day,” says the qualified engineer and designer. That’s why he had already worked as head of design before. At ONTEC, he leads a team of 14 employees. The international company from Naila is a system provider for integrated and innovative automation systems, plants and special machines for industrial production. The business areas consist of Technical Textile Solutions, Automation Solutions and Electric Switchboard Solutions.

Working here in a responsible position is generally a desirable opportunity for top experts from all over Germany, says Hans Ulrich Gruber. “When I approached Mr Walther, the timing was just right for him personally. He wanted to work close to home and at the same time, of course, in a comparable position.” The former top manager found Andreas Walther during his research in an online network and recognised his suitability for the currently open key position on the basis of his CV. Much to the delight of ONTEC’s management, which naturally had an interest in filling the position quickly. “We are very satisfied with Mr. Gruber’s work,” says ONTEC’s managing director Wilhelm Puchta.