“Clients and employees prefer dynamic businesses”

IhrPersonalberater, Hans Ulrich Gruber, took on a teaching assignment for the Change Management class of the master degree “Intercultural Business and Technology Management” at the university of applied science Amberg-Weiden.

A good corporate culture has an attracting effect on clients as well as employees and increases the team success. Hans Ulrich Gruber´s lecture on change management and organizational energy gave the students practical insights into management practices. The International Technology Management master students learned how to hold up a positive team spirit when dealing with international teams and constant changes.

There are many examples for international faux pas and their consequences for German corporations. The merger of Daimler-Chrysler for example failed inter alia due to the behaviour of the German managers. Their attitude didn´t match with the American way of life. “These days even technical managers need international leadership qualities in order to guarantee the success of a project”, says Professor Dr. Frank Schäfer. He is head of the International Technology Management course at the eastern Bavarian university of applied science Amberg-Weiden.

Executives are able to see if their team is dynamic or about to fall into pieces.

An important building block for successful team leadership is the topic of organizational energy or corporate energy. This is Hans Ulrich Gruber´s specialty. The topic is taught by the lecturer with a practical focus, on the basis of examples from his many years of international experiences as a top manager. “Organizational energy shows the state a company or team is in. Is a team productive and dynamic, is it contend, is it sluggish or in the worst case is it shaped by frustration and erosion?” Originally the model of organizational energy was developed at the university of St. Galen. With the help of this model team processes that appear to be confusing within the scope of change management are being simplified and made measurable.
“With Hans Ulrich Gruber we found an experienced executive and manager who can give our students valuable insights into the entrepreneurial practice”, says Professor Dr. Frank Schäfer. The course International Management at the university of applied science Amberg-Weiden exists since 1998. It stands out due to the combination of technical contents, international management and practical implementation.

“Organizational energy shows the state a company or team is in.”
– Hans Ulrich Gruber