The dream position thanks to a change of industry: Sales Manager with creative possibilities

To put people into a position where they feel comfortable and can perform their best. That is what IhrPersonalberater Hans UIrich Gruber and his team are working for. Recently he placed a new sales manager with a well-known metalworking company in Upper Franconia.

Especially top specialists with numerous years of working experience have to face many challenges when changing industry. Because too often they are tied down to one specialty field. Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber is convinced that the competencies of capable managers are not necessarily bound to one industry. A renowned metalworking company from Bamberg is now experiencing this.

It is said that who can make it in the automotive industry can make it anywhere. Almost no other industry has such high expectations for its teams and managers. Tough deadlines, the perfect quality, a consistently high team performance and continuous innovation. One female manager managed to be successful in such a demanding industry. She made a career for herself: From project manager to key account manager. And then came the time for a new challenge.

The manager said that after 15 years of working in the automotive industry she longed for a change. “I wanted a position with more creative possibilities in a different industry.” Thanks to personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber, she now found a new position as a sales manager at a metal working company. Furthermore, a midterm management takeover is in the planning.

“The contact with Hans Ulrich Gruber was very pleasant. After just a few conversations he had the right impression of me, my expertise and my wishes. He saw to me on a very individual level and introduced me to the right people. From the beginning we established trust, which was very important to me. After all, I was taking a life changing decision.” In the current company the manager is very contend and already started to advance the sales department energetically.

She already developed and implemented some new ideas for the renowned family business. Inter alia a new marketing strategy is being developed. The new sales manager says that in all industries especially one thing matters: Building and keeping good relationships with customers. Just as for Hans Ulrich Gruber for her people take centre stage.