Change Management Lecture at “Federnfabrik Dietz“

The students of the master studies Intercultural Corporate and Technology Management iexperienced successful change management in the practice during their last lecture. Entrepreneur Matthias Dietz, executive of Federnfabrik Dietz in Neustadt close to Coburg, spoke about his experiences, success and the potentials of this method. Organised was this excursion by Hans Ulrich Gruber.

“To bring together theory and practice with various examples of the industry was extremely important to me for the course Change Managements during the summer term 2016”, says Hans Ulrich Gruber, personnel consultant and lecturer. The last lecture was conducted as an excursion to the upper Franconian Neustadt close to Coburg to the Federnfabrik Dietz. The destination was chosen on purpose: The organisation is a great example for successful Change Management.

The manager Matthias Dietz gave sound and personal insights in his change process of the alternation of generation and the strong growth of the last years. He explained the change of culture and technology, which made the company to what it is today and what lead to this excursion.

More than 7,000 articles for different industries with new and extremely different depth of added value reduce risks and are the result of consequent change process from identified risks and chances. “The success of the change process at Dietz is especially based on the leadership style as well as on the personnel policy”, explains Hans Ulrich Gruber to his students. “During the insightful guided tour through the production line this was immediately positively noticeable from the interaction between the workers and the manager.” The lived orientation towards the staff is also noticeable from the continuous professional training the management undergoes and the seminars off site which is offered to apprentices and their supervisors.

“Regular employee attitude surveys already exist for a long time at Dietz”, says Matthias Dietz. Those were also a trigger for the change to variable reimbursement several years ago. On the bases of leading with goals, every employee is now part of the success of the business.

“We experienced during the day a variety of theory implemented into practice,” was the conclusion of the participants. “Thanks to Matthias Dietz for the fascinating insights and his time.”

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That the change process worked this successfully at Dietz is especially based on the leadership style and the personnel policy
—Hans Ulrich Gruber