“His knowledge of the industry and insight into human nature make all the difference”

Hans Ulrich Gruber was able to successfully fill four top positions for the medium-sized company ROM Technik in 2020. Clients and the new employees are enthusiastic.

With around 2,300 employees, ROM Technik offers its customers the entire spectrum of building services engineering (TGA): From a single source and on site throughout Germany. With its comprehensive know-how, the company can accompany its customers through all trades of technical building equipment in their projects, whether in partial orders or the entire TGA equipment, as the company says. For ROM Technik, personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber successfully placed a new branch manager for technical building systems for the Munich location in 2020, as well as a major project manager, a project manager and a senior construction manager.

“The cooperation with personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber was so successful because he has extensive knowledge of the industry,” says the new branch manager for Munich, Dr Karsten Klöcker. He intuitively had a sense of who he could approach for the position. Dr. Karsten Klöcker first got to know the recruiting process and the work of Hans Ulrich Gruber as a candidate: “Hans Ulrich Gruber brought me into the company and arranged this new position for me.” A new position that Dr Klöcker values highly. “For me personally, it was important that the new company was sustainable.” Finding an employer for the long term is immensely important to him, especially in these times, he says.

As the new branch manager, Dr. Karsten Klöcker was also able to accompany the recruiting process for the three other top positions at the Munich location. This process went very quickly, he praises. “The success comes from Hans Ulrich Gruber as a person, from his experience in the industry and because he therefore knows exactly how to talk to the candidates.”

Thinking outside the box when looking for candidates

The commercial manager of the Stuttgart head office, Frank Blanz, is also convinced and enthusiastic about the work of personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber. He appreciates the open and honest communication during the recruiting process. “He always communicated clearly what was feasible.” His knowledge of the industry is also “resilient”, he says. “What sets him apart beyond that: Hans Ulrich Gruber thinks outside the box when recruiting.” He is also able to recognise the development potential of candidates, he says. “With Hans Ulrich Gruber, we have therefore got candidates who, on the one hand, are a perfect fit for the position, but who can also develop further in the company. And these are points that I value very much.”

ROM Technik has only had good experiences with Hans Ulrich Gruber’s expertise, he says. “He has shown us that it is also worth taking a closer look at candidates who, at first glance, may not be a one hundred percent fit for the job.” In this way, the company was also able to break new ground in the recruiting process and fill positions with candidates that had previously remained vacant for a longer period of time.