Meeting with Indian Consul General

HR consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber met the Indian Consul General Mohit Yadaf (right) during his visit to Upper Franconia in Bamberg. One topic was also the recruitment of skilled workers from German companies in India.

Highly qualified skilled workers from India are in demand by German companies in times of a shortage of skilled workers, for example in the IT sector. Human resources consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber spoke about this with the Indian Consul General during the meeting. He had come to Bamberg to exchange ideas with local experts and to find out about their work. Another central topic was: How can cultural differences and language barriers be better overcome in the integration of foreign professionals in German companies.

Knowing and understanding cultural differences is important for success

During the discussion, Consul General Mohit Yadaf aptly summed up the cultural differences: In India, it is good manners and a sign of success if qualified professionals change companies every two to three years. In Germany, on the other hand, long years of service are in demand. Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber knows only too well how to deal with different cultures. He regularly places German skilled workers abroad and also specifically looks for foreign skilled workers for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. In the process, he maintains good contacts with Indian professionals, mainly from the IT sector.

Companies should work specifically on onboarding

“The decisive criterion for onboarding was always the intercultural competence of the team and an open corporate culture,” Gruber reported from his experience. In addition, the language competence of the individual employees is also important, as is good and transparent process documentation for the onboarding of new colleagues. Hans Ulrich Gruber advises companies, especially in sectors with a high shortage of skilled workers, to work specifically on these points in order to be able to fill key positions safely and competently in the future. “Skilled workers from abroad can be an enrichment for German companies if they can be integrated into the company quickly and easily,” says Gruber.